CoupleDanceWorld can provide you with the knowledge you need to promote your desired movements on the dance floor. Our dance referencebooks have you covered.

Tom Nelson offers a wide variety of thorough and complete dance reference books, written by none other than himself. These books: Dancing and Related Skills Encyclopedia, which is an enormous work, plus four smaller encyclopedias which have been extraced from this Dancing and Related Skills Encyclopedia; for those that only want one subject at a lower cost, these four extracted works are: Swing Dance Encyclopedia, 1000 Novelty & Fad Dances, Rumba Dance Encyclopedia, and Tango and Related Dances—all provide a very user-friendly guide, while leaving no stone unturned. All books work as a perfect reference guide to learning or improving each of their dances.

CoupleDanceWorld writes and distributes encyclopedic books about dancing with a partner. Specific dance data describes how to execute each figure and pattern, or series of moves. Singular dancing is also fully covered.

So no matter what your current skill level is—there's always something to learn. From salsa to swing— CoupleDanceWorld can have you ready to be out on the floor. Give us a call at 818-914-4639 to aid your movement towards the movement.


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