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CoupleDanceWorld presents this Dancing and Related Skills Encyclopedia as an authoritative textbook and reference for dancers and for those with related skills. This is a specialized collection of narrative descriptions on Coupledancing, with explanatory definitions, interpretations and notes.

This encyclopedia is a “How-to-Dance-It” publication that emphasizes inter-relationships between the many dances. Being alphabetized Encyclopedia-Glossary-Dictionary-Thesaurus, this complete, unique and authoritative work book, reference and guide has 2,860 total pages of data, predominately specific for dancing with a partner. This is a sizable wealth of technical knowledge, assembled all in one place.

            Volume 1 (A-B): 390 pages

Volume 2 (C): 320 pages

Volume 3 (D-F): 376 pages

Volume 4 (G-K): 316 pages

Volume 5 (L-O): 358 pages

Volume 6 (P-R): 351 pages

Volume 7 (S): 392 pages

Volume 8 (T-Z): 357 pages

Crammed full of choice descriptions and tidbits, with entires from Aardvark Walk through Zydeco Twostep, this unique, complete and accurate set of volumes can be invaluable for people such as certain dancers, choreographers, and those with many related skills.

This encyclopedia by CoupleDanceWorld emphasizes all in one place the inter-relationships between the many dances. A wealth of technical knowledge, relative to the subjects within this set of volumes, are all tired together by being extensively cross-references with each other. This compendium contains most every dance term, each addressed and discussed alphabetically. Instead of formally standardizing dance steps, this encyclopedia reports and describes available data as it exists in the dance world, and clarifies technical language of such data.

Also for beginners and interested students, this is a helpful “learn-to-dance” encyclopedia, explaining “how-to-dance-it”. For many dances and those with similar skills, this encyclopedia is a must-have tool that clearly describes how to perform certain figures. This is clearly also for the skilled competitor who needs to maintain that “edge”.

Practically anything you have ever wanted to know about dancing with a partner is explained in detail, alphabetically, within this encyclopedia.

This Dancing and Related Skills Encyclopedia (ISBN: 0-7414-6089-0) is published by Infinity Publishing in eight volumes for CoupleDanceWorld:


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Also presents the following four "extracted" Encyclopedias:

Swing Dance Encyclopedia
1000 Novelty & Fad Dances
Rumba Dance Encyclopedia
Tango and Related Dances

CoupleDanceWorld presents these smaller encyclopedias, all published by AuthorHouse, whose data has been extracted out of our main, extensive Dancing and Related Skills Encyclopedia.


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Upon request, CoupleDanceWorld plans to extract more of these smaller encyclopedias.


Swing Dance Encyclopedia [ISBN: 978-1-4343-5960-5]

The Swing Dance Encyclopedia is a conglomeration of Couple Dance terms in alphabetical order, this book is for use by couples who dance together in any mode, fashion or style of swing. This encyclopedia presents this information in a user-friendly manner that will have you doing the moves in a short time. The Swing Dance Encyclopedia covers: Eastern Swing Style, West Coast Swing Style, Combined Styles, Turns Style, Footwork Style, and even Balboa Group inspired swing and dance.

This is an invaluable resource for both novice and advanced dancers, Swing Dance Encyclopedia showcases lessons previously passed on through personal instruction. Clear and comprehensive, Swing Dance Encyclopedia extracts all of its material from Nelson's master book, the massive Dancing and Related Skills Encyclopedia; draws upon Nelson's wealth of knowledge about swing.

1000 Novelty & Fad Dances [ISBN: 978-1-4389-2638-4]

This book begins with an alphabetical listing index entitled, "Novelty-and-Fad Genre," and is followed alphabetically by those listed Novelty-and-Fad Dances, Routines, Patterns, Figures, Maneuvers, and Movements which are usually described in great detail—and have been invented by creative people.

Non-traditional dances are highlighted in the book, and alphabetically listed for convenience. 1000 Novelty & Fad Dances details routines, patterns, figures, maneuvers and movements made by famous creative dancers. 1000 Novelty & Fad Dances draws its material from, the massive Dancing and Related Skills Encyclopedia, which covers all types of couple dancing and other skills. 1000 Novelty & Fad Dances focuses on the moves classified under dance-party dances and dance crazes.

Rumba Dance Encyclopedia: and Related Dances [ISBN: 978-1-4389-0100-8]

Rumba is a generic term which includes a variety of rhythms and tempi. This book besides containing much on the subject of Latin-and-Rhythm couple dances of the Caribbean, includes voluminous instructions on how to dance Rumba, Salsa, Mambo, Bolero and ChaCha. These five dances have one common Basic-Movement, and what follows is an amalgamation and background of these dances—something you're sure to learn from the Rumba Dance Encyclopedia.

All extracted from Nelson's master book, the massive Dancing and Related Skills Encyclopedia, Rhumba Dance Encyclopedia: and related dances combines an alphabetical index on Latin-and-Rhythm couple dances, instructions and fascinating background information about the controversial origins and evolution of five Latin dances and many others. These five: rumba, salsa, mambo, bolero and chacha—have one common movement, and their variances play upon this basic theme.

Tango and Related Dances [ISBN: 978-1-4490-0601-3]

A conglomeration of Coupledance terms in alphabetical order, this book is for use by couples who dance together in the fashion or style of Tango and its related dances. Always accessible for reference, this Tango and Related Dances Encyclopedia contains much data and suggestions for all who want to excel, or to perfect your Tango dancing. Even though most useful to the dedicated Tango dancer, this book may be of interest to casual enthusiasts. If you're a beginner, spice up your life!   

Said to be the most sensual of the Latin dances, the tango has undergone many different trends and is continually in a state of change. And yet, the certain sensual appeal of the tango has never waned with time. In his new encyclopedia, Tango and Related Dances, which has been extracted from Nelson's massive 2,860 page book the Dancing and Related Skills Encyclopedia—the seasoned dance instructor Tom Nelson presents readers with a user-friendly guide to this legendary dance and those dances related to it.

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